Jaimie, Is The Sky Falling?

I seriously don’t see JPM going anywhere anytime soon, The US economy is much more resilient than just one missed step by a single company. Plus, really, its Jamie Dimon…he has the government as his friend. Im sure when all settles out after the long Mothers Day weekend, no one will even remember what happened. Im not going to bet against the government, so I figure the odds are against a complete collapse at this point. Moreover, this adds fuel to the fire as there are presently a large number of bears out there, which is great for the contrarian player. Things are bit rocky right now, but many indicators are supporting the upside rather than downside. Our positions are aligned with the markets finishing higher rather than lower from here in the next month or so. Yes there are many chicken littles out there running a muck screaming this indicator and that indicator is predicting a flash crash soon. Yes, I hear you, but all you’re doing is helping the sentiment indicators to shift in the bulls favor.


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